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St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada

St John’s, the capital of Newfoundland, is our last port of call. As the ship squeezes through the ‘narrows’ and enters into the inner harbour, the cultural and traditional flavour of the city quickly becomes apparent. The two towers of the Basilica of St. John the Baptist are amongst the tallest buildings on St. John’s skyline. Heritage and culture are an important way of life here and enter into all facets of life. From the height and color of buildings, to a vibrant pub, folk and classical music scene, St. John’s has a style distinct from the rest of Canada. Its steep, hilly terrain is often compared to San Francisco. St. John’s is the oldest settlement in North America, having been discovered by John Cabot in 1497 and appearing on maps as early as 1519. It displays an architecture befitting one of the first British colonial capitals. Seventy-seven percent of the population is of English and Irish origin. Buildings are painted in the same vibrant colors of Greenland albeit, Canadian-style.