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Charlotteville, Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad’s “little sister” Tobago welcomes you with a lovely fishing village set on a curve of beach on Man-o-war Bay. The town was founded in 1633, to serve the area’s slavery-enabled sugar production. Today fishing is the main business. Even by Caribbean standards, it is a sleepy place, where most visitors arrive to bask in the laid-back atmosphere, and swim, snorkel or dive in the surrounding waters. Nearby Pirate’s Bay is considered one of the Caribbean’s prettiest beaches, accessible by a long-sloping stairway or by boat. Speyside down the coast give access to the bird sanctuary of Little Tobago island just offshore. With luck, you may be treated to a musical performance by the local Tamboo band, who make music by banging lengths of bamboo on the ground, a relic of the slavery era. Otherwise, join the locals for “liming” (chatting) and enjoying fresh seafood, and stuffed rotis including the “Buss Up Shut” so named because the torn roti resembles a “busted up shirt.”