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Monkey, Devils Island

Devils Island, French Guiana

Before they were a notorious penal colony, the Îles du Salut (Islands of Salvation) provided French colonists with a welcome escape from the fever-ridden jungles of the Guiana mainland. Lying ten miles off the coastline, and swept by treacherous ocean currents, the trio of small islands provided a perfect isolated location for incarcerating criminals without danger or expense, since the shark-infested sea and the trackless jungles ashore precluded any possibility of escape.

All three islands, popularly known as Devil's Island, were used as a prison from 1852 to 1953.

Devil's Island Tour:
Although the group is commonly called ""Devil´s Island"", visitations are permitted only to Île Royale and Île St Joseph. Join our expedition team to explore ashore and learn about the history and natural history of the area. ​Monkeys, Agouties and other animals have been introduced to the island and can be observed when visiting.