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Saint Lucia, Soufriere, The Pitons at dawn

Scenic Cruising Soufriere Bay

Soufriere Bay is a wide bay on the southwestern coast of the island of St. Lucia in the Windward Islands. It is named for the town of Soufriere, which in turn refers to the still-somewhat-active volcano that spews sulfurous fumes and hot mineral water in the area. It is a beautiful stretch of coast, from the white sand beaches of the luxury Anse Chastenet resort to the towering, conical Pitons that loom some 2,500 feet out of the sea. The Pitons (Gros Piton and Petit Piton, are ancient volcanic plugs, today festooned with lush vegetation and occupied by numerous species of birds and mammals. They make an unabashedly romantic backdrop as your ship glides slowly by, no matter what time of day you pass them.