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Featured Ports

Scenic Cruising Darwin Channel

Cruise this scenic waterway threading between the steep, forested islands of the Chonos Archipelago in Southern Chile.

Scenic Cruising Baker Channel

Baker Channel cuts 75 miles into the Chilean mainland, bearing icebergs calved from the Jorge Montt glacier of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field.

Scenic Cruising Eyre Fjord

Cruise this large Chilean fjord some 20 miles into the mainland, where it meets the broad face of the Pio XI Glacier, also known as the Brüggen Glacier.

Scenic Cruising Peel Fjord

Peel Fjord splits onto three arms, each with its own glacier. Amalia Glacier is in Amalia Fjord, El Brujo glacier in Asia Fjord, and Calvo has several.

Transit The White Narrows

This narrow, 260-foot wide dogleg passage outside Puerto Natales, Chile makes an exciting ride and a chance to watch for condors or other wildlife from the deck.
Aerial view of Puerto Montt, Chile, seen on one of many luxury cruises to South America

Puerto Montt, Chile

Southern Chile’s Lake District is graced with spectacular scenery, including magnificent snowcapped volcanoes, towering forests and quaint, German-style lakeside villages .