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Aalborg, Denmark

As one of the important cultural hubs of Denmark, Aalborg is known for its mixture of contemporary architecture, traditional wooden Danish houses, and the many preserved stone buildings in its historical city center. A number of large city parks, fountains, a gothic cathedral and a colorful waterfront make Aalborg a favorite vacation spot. Square-rigged heritage sailing ships make a contrast with numerous architectural masterpieces such as the ultra-modern designs of the Utzon Center and the University of Aalborg. The Aalborg Carnival, one of Scandinavia’s largest festivals, takes place every year in May and draws tens of thousands of participants. The Kunsten Museum of Modern Art exemplifies the creativity and energy of this beautiful Danish city.


Situated at the narrowest point of Limfjord in Jutland, Aalborg abuts some of the richest waterways in the country, which attracted not only the original Viking adventurers to the area, but settlers as far back as the Iron Age.