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Arendal, Norway

The popular vacation town of Arendal is a beautifully preserved historical city with colorful wooden houses dating from the 17th century. The copper-plated spire and red brick walls of Trinity Church dominate the skyline from the center of town. The charming inner harbor, with its wooden sailing vessels, fishing boats and historic motor-launches, is lined with numerous cafes, restaurants and pubs and comprises the busiest part of the town. True to its maritime background, Arendal has three historic lighthouses nearby.


Situated on Norway’s southern coast, it resembles a sleepy, charming seaside village and boasts a colorful history.  The village was established in the middle of 16th century, and became a prominent center of shipbuilding, shipping, and timber trade. By the end of the 19th century, Arendal was one of the biggest ports in the country. Its Old Norse name means ‘Eagle Valley,’ ǫrn being the word for eagle and dair meaning valley.