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Bremerhaven, Germany

The name means “Bremen’s harbor,” and what a harbor it is! The sprawling North Sea port is Europe’s fourth-largest by volume of commerce. Ascend the glass tower of the SAIL City hotel to the observation level for breathtaking views of the harbor, the important Lloyd-Werft shipbuilding facilities, the River Weser mouth and the surrounding countryside. Below you will see the Maritime Museum’s collection of ships, including a WW II U-boat, a three-masted sailing ship and a faithfully restored original Hanseatic cog merchant ship dating from 1380. Elsewhere you may visit the museum of German emigration and the fascinating museum dedicated to the fishing industry. The city of Bremen lies some 34 miles upriver from Bremerhaven. Its medieval Market Square holds a Renaissance Town Hall and a towering statue of Charlemagne’s paladin Roland erected in 1440. Roland is shown as the protector of the realm, with his famous sword Durandel unsheathed and his shield emblazoned with a double-headed eagle. Together, these are inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Elsewhere a charming monument recalls the motley band of animals known as the Bremen Musicians from the fairytale by the Brothers Grimm.