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Dover (London), England, UK

Approaching the coast, ships are greeted by the ethereal White Cliffs of Dover. This iconic strip of milky-white land serves as England's welcoming beacon, its stark beauty becoming more apparent as you draw closer. The coastline unfurls like a grand tapestry, its white chalk cliffs streaked with black flint, rising majestically 350 feet straight from the sea's embrace.

The echoes of ancient times resonate from every corner of Dover. Archaeological treasures hint at the presence of human life during the Stone Age, painting a vivid picture of the region's rich history. However, it was the Romans who first recorded Dover's significance, drawn by its strategic location just 21 miles from the French mainland. Dover is home to remarkable Roman remnants, including the tallest Roman-built lighthouse still standing in Britain, as well as the only preserved Roman wall mural outside Italy.