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Falmouth (English Harbour), Antigua & Barbuda

Falmouth Harbour and English Harbour are adjacent natural harbors on the extreme south end of the island of Antigua. They are popular harbors for visiting yachtsmen. English Harbour is so named because it was the base for the English Royal Navy during the 18th Century. The ruins of Fort Berkeley, built in 1704, are strewn across the spit of land between the two harbors. The storage and workshops buildings of the Naval Yard, said to be the only Georgian naval yard still in existence, are now called Nelson’s Dockyard, and have been converted into boutiques, galleries, a hotel and restaurants that are a popular attraction for visitors. Nearby Monks Hill provides breathtaking views of both harbors and the surrounding channels. In the village of Liberta, St. Barnabas Anglican Church is a quaint, photogenic church. Antigua boasts hundreds of inviting beaches and upscale resorts. The abandoned fortress on Shirley Heights is a popular viewpoint for visitors to the island.