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Galway, Ireland

Born from a castle erected along the River Corrib in 1121, Galway has flourished into a vibrant city, rich with culture and tradition. At the heart of the city, you'll find two significant squares: Eyre Square and the Spanish Parade. John F. Kennedy Park graces the center of Eyre Square, a tribute to President Kennedy's historic visit in 1963. A lovingly carved bust of the president stands in this park, marking the exact spot where he delivered his speech, a testament to Galway's affection for the late president. Galway also houses one of the last great stone cathedrals constructed in Europe, the Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven, built in 1965 in the Renaissance-style.

The Spanish Parade is home to the iconic Spanish Arches, two stone arches that were once part of the historic wall encircling Galway. Nestled between remnants of the medieval town walls, you'll discover charming shops offering handcrafted rings, books, and musical instruments. Galway is renowned for its traditional Irish pubs, but it's also known for its picturesque ancient neighborhoods, including The Claddagh and Salthill. These areas embody the spirit of Galway, with their cobblestone streets and quaint houses.