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Heimaey, Westman Islands, Iceland

Heimaey Island, the largest of the Westman Islands boasts towering sea cliffs along its coastline and serves as a home to thousands of Atlantic puffins. In 1973, Heimaey earned the moniker "Pompeii of the North" when a volcanic eruption devastated half the town. The ensuing lava flow nearly sealed off the harbor, but through a combination of luck and the islanders' resilience, it remained open, allowing people to eventually return to their island home.


Wildlife and Scenic Zodiac Cruise

Join your Expedition team for a Zodiac cruise around the bird cliffs of Heimaey Island. Keep your eyes peeled for the clowns of the sea, the puffins. This cruise offers an excellent chance to observe these unique birds up close. The journey will take you to a tranquil inner bay near the town and if weather permits, towards the seaside of the cliffs.


Explore the Herjolfsdalur valley, home to ruins of ancient Viking houses dating back to 900 AD. The scenic drive continues to Cape Storhofdi,, offering magnificent views over the island and the majestic glaciers of the Icelandic mainland. Pass through the town of Skansinn and its wooden church, then enjoy a warm welcome at the Eldheimar Museum, built around one of the homes affected by the 1973 volcanic eruption.