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A whale's tail seen in waters off Husavik, Iceland,, a port visited on a luxury, all-inclusive, Seabourn cruise.

Husavik, Iceland

Husavik curls around the semi-circular Skjalfardi Bay on Iceland’s northern coast. It was the first Norse settlement on Iceland founded in 870 A.D. The name means ‘bay of houses,’ no doubt referring to the first farmstead on the island. The town’s skyline is dominated by the tall steeple of its picturesque, gingerbread-style church, built in 1907.  Tourism has become increasingly important, and the bay has a well-deserved reputation for terrific whale-watching as several species frequent its waters. The Whale Museum capitalizes on that aspect. Other museums tout the history, including some ancient boats, and the history of human exploration, including a monument to astronauts.  Nearby natural features include the horseshoe-shaped canyon Asbyrgi and several waterfalls.