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Isle of Runde, Norway

The enchanting island of Runde, renowned for its teeming seabird population, is a paradise for birdwatchers. The sheer cliffs of the island play host to over 100,000 pairs of the charming Atlantic Puffins, alongside countless other avian species. From April through August, the island transforms into a bustling breeding ground for over half a million birds, with around 80 species regularly returning, and over 220 species recorded.

The island's allure extends beyond its avian inhabitants. In 1972, a treasure trove of gold and silver was discovered at Kvalneset, the cargo of the ill-fated Dutch ship Akerendam that met its end on Runde's shores in 1725.

Zodiac Cruise
Experience the heart of a seabird breeding colony up close with a Zodiac cruise, led by our experienced Expedition Team. This unique excursion offers an unparalleled insight into the captivating world of these remarkable creatures.

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Isle of Runde, Norway