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Lerwick, Shetland Islands, United Kingdom

Shetland, a thriving testament to Neolithic prosperity, is steeped in history and culture. The historic Clickimin Broch, a hollow-stone-walled structure dating back to the 7th century BCE, serves as a reminder of its Bronze Age roots. Fort Charlotte, a five-sided fortress built in 1653, stands tall with its sea-facing cannon batteries. Norse rule left an indelible mark on Shetland, evident in its place names, genetic lineage tracing back to western Norway, Scandinavian-style houses, and its flag inspired by Scandinavian designs. The dialect spoken today still carries echoes of Old Norse words, a captivating glimpse into the past.

Lerwick, the main town built on the herring trade and modernized by the oil trade, exudes a strong maritime vibe. Home to a third of the island's population, this cosmopolitan seaport is Britain's most northerly town. 


Option 1: Shetland Panorama and Ponies
Explore the incredible archaeological site of Jarlshof, revealed by a violent storm in the winter of 1896/7. This site unfolds 5,000 years of human history through an impressive sequence of stone structures, from late Neolithic houses to a 16th-century laird's house. A guided visit to these settlements will enrich your experience.

Option 2: Jarlshof and Southern Shores
Depart from Lerwick and travel to the island's southernmost point, pausing en route to admire the magnificent Mousa Broch. Continue south, catching a glimpse of St Ninian's Isle, the site of the famous 9th Century Pictish silver treasure discovered in 1958. Visit the remarkable archaeological site of Jarlshof and delve into thousands of years of history. On your return to Lerwick, keep an eye out for Shetland's famous ponies while your guide regales you with more tales of these intriguing islands.

*Experiences subject to change