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Norway, Oslo county, Oslo, Scandinavia, Oslo Opera House, The Oslo Opera House (Operahuset), Snohetta architects, the town on the background

Oslo, Norway

Beautiful Oslo was named as ‘Europe’s Green Capital.’ As Norway’s largest city, it is a cosmopolitan hub with an abundance of world-class architecture, museums, restaurants and shopping. Oslo buzzes with energy, from its new neighborhoods to its cutting-edge food, fashion, art scene and famous museums. The Oslo Opera House is a magnificent architectural wonder, resembling a massive iceberg, while Frognerparken showcases the work of Norway's best-loved sculptor, Gustav Vigeland, in an open-air setting. The Astrup Fearnley Modern Art Museum is an exemplar of Oslo’s modern metropolitan atmosphere. Yet the city maintains a refreshing closeness to nature that few other capital cities can match.


Founded in 1049 by King Harold Sigurdsson, Olso celebrates its long-standing traditional Norse heritage. Those with an interest in its history may discover the sprawling castle-fortress of Akershus Slott, strategically built along the shores of the fjord in 1299 by King Håkon V, or explore Vikingskipshuset with its preserved Viking long-ships dating from the year 1100.