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Waterfront and Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, a port visited on an all-inclusive, luxury Seabourn cruise.

Portsmouth, UK

 The United Kingdom’s only island city, Portsmouth has been an integral base for the British Royal Navy since 1194. The seaport’s proud naval heritage is on display everywhere you look — from the 557-foot-high, sail-shaped Spinnaker Tower to the Portmouth Historic Dockyard, where you can step aboard several British warships including Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson’s flagship during the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar. (You can follow the naval commander’s footsteps through Old Town along the self-guided Nelson Trail.) Visit the D-Day Story to learn how Allied forces in World War II boarded landing craft in Portsmouth bound for Normandy; and explore the 16th-century Southsea Castle, supposedly designed by Henry the VIII himself. The Southsea resort area invites with a two-mile stretch of beach, an amusement pier, and plenty of coffee shops and cafés.