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Runavik, Faroe Islands

Originally a fishing port, Kongshavn harbor on the southern end of Eysturoy, the Faroes’ second-largest isle, is now a major staging port for the North Sea oil platforms as well. Runavik’s buildings are scattered across an alluvial fan below looming, green-clad peaks beside the Skalafjordur fjord. The mountainous island is criss-crossed with hiking trails, some of which date from Viking times. The main attraction for visitors is the grandeur of nature, along with the birds and animals that inhabit the island. Lake Toftavatn is one place to see them, on a Ventures by Seabourn hike. A drive around the island will include views of 2,890-foot Mt. Slaettaratindur with stops at the picturesque village of Gjogr on the north end, and a visit to Glyvrar to see the Forni Museum that preserves a typical 17th century island home. Your Ventures by Seabourn team will offer kayaking excursions on Skalafjord, or an excursion the the major Viking site of Toftanes with your expert archaeologist.