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Scrabster, Scotland, United Kingdom

Scrabster is a wee settlement situated on Thurso Bay only a stone’s throw away from the much larger town of Thurso. Here one can find a wide variety of traditional shops, lovely cafes, spirited bars and restaurants.  An important harbor for the fishing industry, the town of Scabster is set at the base of a small hill and its harbor holds a colorful array of fishing boats.


This region of Caithness is an area of open, windswept landscapes, rolling farmland, moorlands and small scattered settlements.  Inland is a vast area of bog known as the ‘Flow Country.’  The area is bordered to the north and east by dramatic coastal scenery and is home to large, globally important colonies of migratory seabirds. The surrounding waters of Pentland Firth and the North Sea hold a rich diversity of marine life.