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The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (Russian:    , Tserkov Spasa na Krovi) is one of the main sights of St. Petersburg, Russia. Other names include the Church on Spilled Blood (Russian:   , Tserkov"u2019 na Krovi), the Temple of the Savior on Spilled Blood (Russian:    , Khram Spasa na Krovi), and the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ (Russian:   , Sobor Voskreseniya Khristova)."n"nThis Church was built on the site where Emperor Alexander II was fatally wounded in March 1881.The church was built between 1883 and 1907. The construction was funded by the imperial family.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Founded in 1703 by Peter the Great, Russia's second largest city and principal Baltic port contains a tsar's ransom in architecture, palaces and art treasures. Once the capital of Imperial Russia and playground of Russia's elite, the city's name was changed following the 1917 revolution to Petrograd, then Leningrad, before resuming its original name in 1991. St. Petersburg is patterned after Western capitals with canals reminiscent of Venice, a grand boulevard that evokes Paris and a spirit that is uniquely Russian.