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Summer Isles, Scotland, UK

The scenic and remote Summer Isles is an archipelago of many small, uninhabited islands scattered at the mouth of Loch Broom in Scotland’s Highland region.


Tanera Mor, ‘big rounded hill,’ is the largest island, with soothing, rolling terrain broken occasionally by rocky outcrops covered by moss and lichens. Meall Mor, the island’s highest hill, rises gently to 407’ (124 m), its slopes covered in a thick profusion of tall grasses and small groves of deciduous trees. The Summer Isles are a place of many natural wonders, boasting a large diversity of flora including several species of wild orchids. Grey seals and river otters can often be spotted on the island’s rocky shores. Porpoises and basking sharks visit its waters in the summertime, while a wide variety of birds can be found throughout: eiders, herons, greylag geese, sandpipers, and many others. Historically a center of herring fishing, the last human residents moved away in 2014, leaving the island to the wildlife.