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Ships in the harbor of Torquay, England, a port visited on an all-inclusive, luxury Seabourn cruise.

Torquay (Torbay), England, United Kingdom

Blessed by a mild climate and bucolic surroundings, Torquay on the southern Devon coast proclaims itself the English Riviera. Its palm-lined waterfront warrants the name, and it is indeed one of England’s most popular resorts.  Agatha Christie was born and lived here, and you can follow the plaques and pathways of the Agatha Christie Mile to learn about her life and work.  The Kent’s Cave Prehistoric Site unveils 40,000 years of human habitation, while the nearby Dartmoor parks preserve unspoiled natural tors and moors that are older still. Stroll the tranquil lanes of Cockington Village, lined with traditional thatched houses, local arts and crafts galleries and friendly pubs. The magnificent Torquay Pavilion celebrates the opulent Victorian age of Devonshire tourism.