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Trelleborg, Sweden

Trelleborg is Sweden’s southernmost city and second-busiest port after Gothenburg. Near the Smygehuk, the southern cape of the Swedish Peninsula, it is a major ferry terminal for service to Denmark, Germany and the rest of Europe. The town’s Maritime Museum recounts the history and importance of the port since the medieval era. One of the local landmarks is Trelleborgen, the partially restored 9th century Viking ring fortress which gave the town its name. A museum reveals artifacts from the site and a restored Viking farmstead. The Axel Ebbe Konsthall is a gallery dedicated to the works of a local sculptor, artist and poet. The town also boasts a Hat Museum, located in the headquarters of the former Borquistska millinery factory. Other landmarks include the tall, copper-roofed brick water tower and the beautiful brick St. Nicolai church. Further afield are the Håslövs stubbamollen, a working, 18th century windmill, and a number of castles scattered across the Skåne county countryside.