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Trondheim, Norway

Established in 997, Trondheim is among Norway's oldest cities, and its rich tapestry of arts, technology, history, and sustainability initiatives weave together to form a culture that is both fresh and steeped in tradition. The imposing Nidaros Cathedral, constructed from 1070 onwards, is the northernmost medieval cathedral in the world. It stands as Norway's most significant Gothic monument and was the paramount pilgrimage site for Christians in Northern Europe during the Middle Ages. Traditionally, Norway's kings were crowned here, and the cathedral is revered as a National Shrine. 

Trondheim once served as Norway's capital until 1217, presiding over an empire that spanned present-day western Russia to Newfoundland. The city, flanked by the River Nid and Trondheimfjord, was largely rebuilt after a catastrophic fire in 1681 destroyed most of its original wooden edifices. However, some of the oldest buildings dating back to the 1700s have endured along the river, while the city center's broad streets are adorned with charming and brightly painted houses.

Embark on a comprehensive sightseeing tour of Trondheim's highlights, taking you to Ringve Manor, Nidaros Cathedral, and rounding off with a drive up to Kristiansten Festning for panoramic views of the city.

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