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Ulvik holiday village at Ulvikfjord, Hordaland, Southwest Norway, Norway

Ulvik, Norway

Ulvik is nestled in a corner of deep, glistening Hardanger Fjord, between steep, snowclad mountains. This is the heart of Norway’s apple-growing region and numerous and exotic craft apple ciders are produced and sold here. The small, peaceful town affords wonderful views up the fjord, set in the heart of stunning mountainous countryside dotted with farmsteads, and offering a variety of opportunities to enjoy nature. The Ulvik Lutheran church, consecrated in 1859, was decorated with ornate, painted designs of roses by the artist Lars Osa in 1923.


In a national referendum after the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905, Ulvik was one of the few municipalities where a majority voted in favor of a republic rather than a monarchy. The town is named for an historic farm called Ulvik, which is derived from the old Norse words for ‘Wolf Cove,’ ulfr meaning wolf and vik meaning cove.