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Vik, Norway

Vik is spectacularly sited on the southern shore of the Sognefjord, under a wall of snow-capped peaks.  The town and its surroundings offer all the picturesque pleasures visitors could seek in a trip to Norway. The Naerøyfjord nearby encompasses a UNESCO World Heritage natural site, with the Fresviksbreen glacier and the Huldafossen waterfall. Vikøyri is an area where many of the original 17th century “shore dweller” homes are refurbished and still occupied today, giving a glimpse of the past. Two churches also speak to the town’s past: The Hopperstad Stave Church is one of the oldest wooden stave churches remaining in Norway, dating from 1130. The stone Hove Church was built in 1170, probably as a private chapel, but expresses in its stolid style the same reverence for material that we value on modern Norwegian design.