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Enter Panama Canal Balboa

In the early morning, your ship joins the flotilla of hulls of every shape and purpose from the far corners of the globe. They gather in the Bay of Panama off the shoreline of Balboa in the Pacific Ocean to form the day’s convoy. Soon you will parade in file into the mighty Miraflores Locks, there to be lifted patiently by inrushing water through three steps and begin your transit of the canal. Arriving at the Pedro Miguel Locks, continue your ascent to the highest level of the canal. In truth, your ship sails from east to west, threading the jungled Gaillard Cut into broad Gatun Lake. Passing the eastbound convoy, your ship files through the three descending steps of the Gatun Locks, lowered gracefully by the outrushing waters into the mouth of the canal, bidding farewell to your convoy, and sailing on into the Caribbean Sea.