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Carcass Island, Falkland Islands

Carcass Island is a mesmerizing blend of unspoiled beauty and captivating wildlife. As you step onto this island, you'll find yourself in an enchanting world where rolling hills meet the azure sea and wind-sculpted trees stand sentinel over verdant pastures.

The island's name might raise eyebrows, but rest assured it has nothing to do with its current state. Named after HMS Carcass, which surveyed the area in the 18th century, this island is a vibrant sanctuary teeming with life. It serves as a haven for birdwatchers, hosting a dazzling array of avian species from Magellanic penguins and Black-browed albatrosses to Striated caracaras and numerous songbirds.

At Carcass Island, human presence is minimal, allowing nature to take center stage. The charming settlement offers a warm welcome, while the absence of land predators ensures the fearlessness of the local wildlife, making close encounters a common occurrence.