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Cruising Chilean Fjords

Your ship threads among the islands and waterways along Chile’s wild southern coastline. Looming, glacier polished walls of rock rise sheer from the water, furred with vegetation wherever a crevasse or groove offers foothold. Lacy veils of waterfalls tinsel the surfaces and make ripples in the mirrored sea below. In the distance, a lone fishing boat plies patiently by. Rings of brightly colored floats mark the circular fish farms encircling silvery schools of salmon to feed a hungry world outside. In other places, the shoreline is dense with twisted dwarf forest, buffeted by the endless passing winds. Steamer ducks splash frantically out of the way as your ship glides toward them, and a sea lion’s head leaves a wake of silver as it swims away. A scene of primeval nature unreels as you watch, bewitched, from your lofty vantage point.