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Guajara River, Brazil

Guajara, Brazil

A short morning call along the Guajara River — a tributary of the Amazon in the state of Pará, Brazil — offers the opportunity to join members of your ship’s onboard expedition team for an optional Ventures by Seabourn zodiac adventure. Cruise along the Guajara’s banks dense with jungle foilage, stopping at riverside buffalo farms for the chance to interact with the local caboclos (“inhabitants of the forest”). These Amazonian people of mixed heritage work as small farmers, fisherfolk and rubber-tappers, using their knowledge of and adaptability to the river in order to survive. Passing through a stretch of gallery forest, keep an eye out for colorful toucans, scarlet and Hyacinth macaws, graceful Jabiru storks, and numerous other tropical bird species that inhabit the region. Your team’s naturalists are on hand to help you spot monkeys and sloths hanging amidst the trees, giant river otters, black caimans sunning on the riverbanks and, with any luck, the elusive “boto” or pink river dolphin.