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Iquitos, Peru

Iquitos is the most important Peruvian city of the Amazon region. With a municipal population of nearly 440,000, it is the largest city on earth that cannot be reached by road. Its location on the vast Amazon Basin plain east of Andes is accessible only by air or via the river. Along with Manaus in Brazil, Iquitos burgeoned during the period of the rubber boom, and its oldest sections reflect the same Eurocentric taste of the period’s affluent rubber barons, such as the unique Iron House, purchased during the Paris Exposition of 1889, disassembled, and transported through the jungle to be rebuilt in its present location. Today tourism is an important aspect of the city’s economy, with visitors using it as a hub for river cruises and stays in regional jungle lodges. For Seabourn, it is the western terminal for Amazon River cruises.