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Macapa, Brazil

Found in the Amazon delta where the river greets the Atlantic, Macapá, the capital of Brazil's Amapá state, is a city with a unique geographical distinction. Straddling the equator, it is home to the impressive 98-foot Marco Zero monument, where guests can symbolically stand in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres simultaneously.

Macapá's history is etched in its landscape, with remnants from Portuguese settlers dating back to the early 18th century. The Fortaleza de São José, a symbol of the city's colonial past, stands as one of Brazil's best-preserved military structures, echoing tales of a bygone era. Accessible only by boat or plane, also Macapá serves as a sanctuary for migrating birds who share the region's lush wetlands with flamingos, ibises, and other local species. Thrill-seekers are lured here by the Pororoca, one of the world's longest tidal bores, boasting waves that soar up to 12 feet high.