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Paramaribo, Suriname

Your voyage continues to the petite Republic of Suriname, a former Dutch colony prized for its sugar cane production. This rich history, rooted in the 16th century and powered by West African and East Indian labor, is reflected in Suriname's vibrant blend of cultures and traditions, evident in its cuisine, architecture, and art.

Option 1: Paramaribo Experience
Embark on a morning journey to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Paramaribo. This bus tour takes you through the city's historic heart, showcasing its unique wooden architecture, Fort Zeelandia, the Palm Garden, and a harmonious synagogue-mosque duo. We continue to the Commewijne district, exploring colonial plantations and the open-air museum in Nieuw Amsterdam. Savor an Indonesian lunch in Tamanredjo, a Javanese town, before a brief stop at Nature Park Peperpot.

Option 2: Paramaribo City Tour and Koto Museum
Explore the streets of Paramaribo with their mix of colonial-style buildings and modern architecture. Visit Fort Zeelandia, enjoy a stroll around Independence Square, and step inside the majestic Peter and Paul Cathedral. The tour continues with a scenic drive past notable landmarks, including a synagogue, mosque, and central market. Conclude your excursion at the Koto Museum, a treasure trove of Afro-Surinamese women's festive costumes, with the oldest dating back to 1898.