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Colorful cobblestone street of Parati, Brazil

Parati, Brazil

Along Brazil's enchanting Costa Verde, or "Green Coast," lies a gem from the colonial era. Established by the Portuguese in 1597, Parati blossomed as a bustling hub during the 17th and 18th centuries following the discovery of gold in Minas Gerais. After Brazil gained its independence in 1822, the port slipped into obscurity, but today it is treasured for its Old Town - a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2019 - which boasts the most extensive collection of colonial architecture in the country.

Option 1: Walking Tour of Historical Parati​
Step back in time as you traverse the charming cobblestone streets of Parati, a vibrant colonial town that echoes Brazil's 18th-century architectural elegance. Your guide will lead you through this historic town, introducing you to colonial homes, appealing boutiques and tasteful galleries featuring the work of local artists. Often the craftsmen and are in residence, and you can watch them breathing life into their creations

Option 2: Scenic Schooner Cruising​
Encircled by lush rainforest and emerald waters ideal for swimming, Parati offers an unforgettable experience - especially when explored by schooner. As you depart from the pier, your guide will regale you with tales and history of the locale. The day will consist of up to two stops where you can plunge into the warm, crystal-clear sea water.

*Experiences subject to change.