Saunders Island, Falkland Islands

Wild and remote Saunders Island, is the site of the first British settlement in the Falklands, Port Egmont in 1765. The small population remains true to its origins, nowadays with the descendants of the early farmers, still living on the island and sheep farming largely in the traditional style. Five species of penguin can be found here: king, macaroni, gentoo, rockhopper and the occasional magellanic. Five hundred steamer ducks, white-bridled finches and 22,000 black-browed albatross breed on the island. Dolphins often visit its harbor, while Southern right whales can be spotted in the distance.

West Point Island’s highest point, Cliff Mountain, rises to 1,250’ (381 meters), and has the highest sea cliffs in the Falklands. Experience West Point’s spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and its human population of two, Lily and Roddy Napier. Descendants of the original farmers, the Napier family still own and run West Point Island as a traditional sheep farm. Living in the modest family house sheltered by weathered Monterey cypress trees, they welcome visitors in for a cup of tea.