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Dublin, Ireland

Crisscrossed by the Liffey and Tolka rivers, adorned with charming bridges, waterways, and narrow alleys, Dublin's distinct Georgian architecture lends to its quaint, picturesque allure. Established as a Viking settlement in 841, Dublin has a storied past, evolving through the centuries from Viking rule to the Norman invasion in the 12th century.

Dublin's vibrant pub culture, with its 751 pubs, offers an unparalleled traditional folk music scene. The city's history is etched in the stone walls of Dublin Castle, an imposing architectural landmark and symbol of Ireland. This Norman edifice, erected in the 13th century, narrates the tale of power and change. Dublin's rich literary past, its pulsating contemporary literature scene, and its status as the birthplace of numerous literary greats have earned it the honor of being a UNESCO-designated City of Literature.

OPTION 1: Literary Dublin on Foot
Embark on a walking tour of Dublin's literary landmarks, including the statue of Oscar Wilde, Sweny’s Pharmacy - frequented by James Joyce and featured in Ulysses, the WB Yeats Memorial, and the Museum of Literature or MoLi, a tribute to Ireland’s illustrious literary culture.

OPTION 2: Panoramic Literary Dublin
For those preferring a more leisurely pace, this vehicle-based excursion offers a panoramic tour of Dublin's key literary sites, providing the same enriching experience from the comfort of your seat.