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Staffa, Scotland, UK

The petite island of Staffa found amongst the Inner Hebrides, is lauded for its remarkable geology. The Vikings named it Stafyi-øy or "stave island", as its rock formations evoked images of their vertically placed log houses. Staffa is an intriguing spectacle of hexagonal columnar basalt, formed sixty-five million years ago when erupting lava cooled rapidly.

Over time, the relentless Atlantic waves eroded a weakness in the rock, resulting in the legendary Fingal’s Cave. Known previously as ‘The Musical Cave,’ it's famed for the mesmerizing sounds produced by sea water echoing against the cavern walls. This is a unique chance to explore the same island that Sir Joseph Banks, Captain James Cook’s naturalist, promoted in 1772. Numerous illustrious figures, including Jules Verne, William Wordsworth, John Keats, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, artist JMW Turner, and young Felix Mendelssohn have also graced Staffa with their presence.

Zodiac Cruise
Join our expert expedition team for a Zodiac cruise around this extraordinary Scottish island, echoing the journeys of the illustrious 19th-century visitors. Keep your eyes peeled for the charming Atlantic puffin, marvel at the view into Fingal's Cave, and learn about the columnar basalt that shapes this steep-sided island.

*Please note this expedition experience is exclusively available on our expedition ships, Seabourn Venture or Seabourn Pursuit. All shore excursions shared here are subject to availability and are weather and conditions permitting.