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Broome, Western Australia, Australia

Perched on the Northwest edge of Western Australia, Broome was once an isolated gem, reachable only by a rugged dirt road until the mid-1980s. The town is nestled on a narrow peninsula, encircled by the crystal-clear sapphire waters of the Indian Ocean and the tranquil expanse of Roebuck Bay. It stands as a global haven for migratory birds, offering them a scenic stopover on their long journeys.

Broome sprang to life following the discovery of the world's most abundant pearl shell deposit. This revelation sparked a frenzy akin to a gold rush, drawing in hundreds of people lured by the promise of precious treasures. Despite a downturn in the pearl industry during the last century, the allure of Broome's natural splendor and serene ambiance held many captives, anchoring them to this coastal sanctuary.

Today, Broome boasts a unique architectural landscape, a testament to its diverse history. A blend of colonial buildings, old mission houses, churches, and the huts of former pearling masters share the streets with more modern homes. These structures collectively echo a distinctive style that took root over eighty years ago.