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Fremantle (Perth), Australia

Affectionately known as "Freo," Fremantle offers a wealth of Western Australian culture and surprising experiences. Stroll along bohemian streets lined with meticulously preserved 19th-century architecture and hunt for treasures in the bustling Fremantle Markets, housed in a historic Victorian-era building, tantalizing the senses with local crafts, delectable cuisine, and unique finds.

Adventure beckons visitors from every corner of this region. Catch a short ferry ride to the unique nature reserve of Rottnest Island and make friends with the darling quokkas that call it home.  Indulge in a scenic visit to the Swan Valley, Western Australia's wine region, rich with vineyards, wine tastings, and gourmet delights. 

Whether you choose to people watch over fresh fish and chips at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour or immerse yourself in indigenous culture at the Western Australian Maritime Museum, Fremantle offers a diverse look at the captivating facets of Australia's west coast.