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Kitava, Papua New Guinea

Kitava and Uratu are jewels of the Trobriand Islands archipelago to the east of New Guinea. These islands, still largely untouched by the western world and only occasionally visited by tourists, offer an authentic glimpse into a simpler way of life. However, the tranquility of these islands is under threat due to growing concerns about deforestation.

The islanders lead peaceful lives, sustained by fishing and farming yams — a crop that holds significant cultural importance and is a measure of wealth. The annual yam harvest celebration is the much-anticipated highlight of their year. With a population of approximately 12,000, these islands are governed by matrilineal clans who control resources. Warfare is replaced by cricket matches to settle disputes — a testament to the peaceful coexistence of the people here.

One of the intriguing rituals practiced here is the Kula exchange. This ceremony involves the reciprocal gifting of shell armbands and necklaces between villages and clans. These exchanges not only foster relationships and trust but also help maintain or elevate social status. The magic, obligations, and traditions interwoven into this exchange are an integral part of the culture.

Local Community Visit
Experience the warmth of local hospitality with a visit to a village on Kitava, complete with a captivating cultural performance.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving
For those seeking underwater adventures, we offer snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities to witness the rich diversity of the island's marine life.

*Experiences subject to change.