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Scenic Cruising Gulf of Corcovado

The Gulf of Corcovado is a large body of water between Chiloe Island and the coast of Chile. It is surrounded by the Corcovado National Park on the east and Chiloe Island’s Valdivian forest on the west. On the eastern horizon rise the snowcapped volcanic cones of Corcovado and Yanteles. The shoreline is largely unspoiled and forests of southern beech and the magnificent alerce (similar to North American sequoia) trees predominate. The waters are dotted with islands, leading to the bay and harbor of Chiloe’s primary town, Castro. The Gulf is actually a submerged fore-basin carved by a massive glacier. The waters are home to some endangered species, including blue whales, as well as humpback, minke and sei whales. Salmon farms have blossomed in recent years.

Cruise this important, weather-protected shipping channel between the long, mountainous Pitt Island and the equally mountainous mainland of British Columbia’s northern coast.