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Meet some of our select group of academics, scientists and general naturalists who share your passion for exploring and learning about some of the world's remote regions.

Each ship has a world-class expedition team that will share their passion for exploring and knowledge of the world's remote regions.

Team Members

Juan Carlos Restrepo

Expedition Leader

Years of Experience20+ years exploring the world
LovesLoves: Geology & the Sea


When not on expedition ships, Juan can be found flying high at international paragliding competitions, taking motorbike treks across the Andes Mountains or exploring new areas throughout the world.

Ignacio Rojas

Expedition Leader

Years of Experience20+ years in Expedition Travel
LocationSouth America
LovesLoves: Expeditions to the White Continent

Passion Projects:

He enjoys being in small boats in any destination around the globe but preferentially in the seas of Antarctica where he looks forward to sharing his expertise and knowledge of the natural history of the white continent with fellow travelers.

Dominic Del Rosario

Assistant Expedition Leader

Years of Experience20+ years in the cruising industry
LocationBorn: Imus, Philippines
LovesLoves: Wildlife, culture and rarely-visited places

Favorite Seabourn Moment:

Captaining small boats to discover some of the world's most remote locations.

Patrick Demus

Assistant Expedition Leader

Years of ExperienceExpedition since 2015
LovesLoves: Marinelife, underwater ecosystems

Passion Projects:

Sharing his passion for the animal kingdom and spending over nine years in the education department of the Zoo Vienna.

Nicki D’Souza

Expedition Leader

Years of Experience35+ years in the cruising industry
LocationBorn: Bavaria, Germany
LovesLoves: The sea


She is a Senior Polar Tourism Guide. She has been driving zodiacs since first stepping on board a ship and is an RYA licensed driver.

Brent Houston


Years of Experience30+ years Wildlife research & Polar Expedition Travel
LocationPony, Montana
LovesLoves: Pony, Montana

Passion Projects:

When on land Brent works with WWF and Defenders of Wildlife protecting and restoring prairie wildlife and habitat, particularly focusing on the endangered black-footed ferret.

Luciano “Luqui” Bernacchi

Expedition Leader

Years of Experience 15 years on Expedition Ships
LocationLos Glaciers National Park, Patagonia, Argentina
LovesLoves: Birding and glaciers

Passion Projects:

Luciano also works as Director and board member of GLACIARIUM/Museo del Hielo Patagonico – the largest and one of the very few Glacier museums in the world.

Dr. Merel Dalebout

Naturalist/Zodiac Driver/Sub Pilot/Lecturer

Years of ExperienceWith Seabourne since 2022
LocationMelbourne, Australia
LovesLoves: Environmental education and trekking

Passion Projects:

Merel completed her PhD in Ecology and Evolution, specializing in rare Beaked Whales. This work led her to discovering a new species.

Seán S. Bercaw

Expedition Leader

Years of ExperienceExpedition Teams since 2019
LovesLoves: Sailing

Passion Projects:

Scientific forays include working as the ROV navigator aboard the E/V Nautilus for deep ocean exploration and as the Marine Projects Coordinator aboard the two U.S. Antarctic Program Research Vessels

Adam Jenkins

Expedition Leader

Years of Experience25+ years in Expedition Travel
LovesLoves: Writing, cooking, sailing with his daughter

Passion Projects:

Setting out in small boats and getting up close to nature.

Mia Otokiak

Inuit Scientist

Years of ExperienceAdvisor at Nunavut Impact Review Board
LocationCambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada
LovesLoves: Environment, ocean, climate change advocacy

Passion Projects:

She is a youth mentor in a program called Ikaarvik: Barriers to Bridges, which aids Indigenous youth in becoming involved in science and research in a meaningful way.

Christian Walter

Expedition Leader

Years of Experience30+ years Expedition experience
LovesLoves: Royal Geographical Society Fellow

Research Interests:

The European voyages of discovery of the 16th to 18th centuries in the South Pacific; the various expeditions trying to find the Northwest- and Northeast-Passages; as well as the attempts to reach the North and South Poles..

Navarana Bidstrup

Local Guide

Years of ExperienceSpecializes in different cultures
LocationNuuk, Greenland
LovesLoves: Hiking, sailing and hunting

Passion Projects:

Sharing cultural rituals, believes, myths and stories about Greenlandic cultures.

Will Wagstaff


Years of ExperienceHas been birding since the age of 5
LocationIsles of Scilly, UK
LovesLoves: Birds; any kind of wildlife

Favorite Destination:

Apart from the islands where he lives his favourite place is the Falkland Islands that he first visited over twenty years ago.

Robert Egelstaff

Kayak Guide

Years of ExperiencePersonal Motto: “Laboro quod lascivio unus”
LovesLoves: Mountain Climbing, kayaking

Passion Projects:

Adventurous expeditions to remote places have been an important part of Robert’s life — he led the first crossing in modern times of the Bering Strait from Alaska to Siberia by sea-kayak and made the first circumnavigation of Wales by canoe.

Fridrik P. Fridriksson

Arctic Guide

Years of Experience12+ years working and living in Polar regions
LocationTelemark, Norway
LovesLoves: Arctic guiding

Fun fact:

Fridrik speaks several languages and is one of the few that have Icelandic as their native tongue.