Explore the untouched wilderness and natural splendor of this one-of-a-kind location in the luxury and world-class experience of Seabourn.  These crystal-clear waters carve our path for in-depth exploration of glaciers, old growth forests, and a plethora of diverse flora and fauna. With a myriad of excursion opportunities to select from, both on and off the ship, you are sure to find just the right fit for you to partake in the wonders and beauty of Alaska.

Extraordinary Destinations: Alaska is home to some of the finest small-town ports you’ll find on board Seabourn.  Explore the fjords and mountains of Sitka, full of rich history and natural treasures.  Witness the petroglyphs and native history of Wrangell, deep within the Inside Passage.  Break out your walking shoes for the town of Ketchikan, whose charming main street is home to delightful shops and local activities, as well as some truly splendid hiking trails. Whether you observe Alaska from on or off the ship, you’ll make memories to last a lifetime in this incredible state.

A World-Class Expedition Team: Learn and expand your appreciation for the witnessed world by engaging with our on-board team of experts, who will hold Seabourn Conversations on topics ranging from marine biology, ornithology, geology, history, and photography.  Listen to our naturalist experts as they wax poetic on the local bears, whales, and other endemic wildlife to Alaska and British Columbia, Canada. Be sure to keep an eye out for a sighting; you never know when nature will surprise you.

Ventures by Seabourn™: Want to get out and explore the might of Alaska in a more adventurous way?  Ventures by Seabourn allow guests to kayak, ride in our Zodiacs, or go on group hikes to see these iconic destinations up close and personal. You can kayak through fjords, circumnavigate the Inian Islands, and witness the Holgate Glacier via Zodiac, or take priceless pictures in our photography hikes at Wrangell.

Seabourn's Alaska ports map

Alaska remains one of the most extreme and ecologically rich places on the planet, home to some of the largest birds, bears, and aquatic life to be found anywhere.  The skies are filled with the calls of the marvelous Bald Eagle, who can be frequently spotted soaring high overhead while the ship glides noiselessly through these timeless fjords.  The water parts for another dweller, as whales call this passage home, just as much as the local schools of salmon and countless other marine species. The local culture and small-town charm are sure to delight, allowing you to step through the curtain and experience life the way it has been lived for generations.  The wonders of the old world exist in perpetuity here, taking the form of enormous spans of old growth forest, with towering evergreens and moss-covered earth.  Perhaps the frozen immensity of glaciers will capture the eye, housing secrets and nestled in the carved fjords, demonstrating the raw power of Mother Nature.

Seabourn provides opportunity and adventure around every corner, while you explore in the safety and luxury of a world-class cruise line. Moments to cherish are yours to take, such as:
-         Unique itineraries, visiting natural wonders and charming ports-of-call
-         The untouched splendor of the Inside Passage
-         Our Ventures by Seabourn excursions
-         Partake in the wisdom and educational experience of our world-class staff of experts
-         Complimentary Special Events and Experiences: Caviar on the Ice party, frequent opportunities for wildlife sightings on board and ashore

* Cruising of the Alaska and Canadian Inside Passage is subject to pilotage, traffic and weather conditions and at the Captains discretion. Actual routes, durations and timings may vary accordingly.

Ventures By Seabourn for Alaska

Ventures By Seabourn for Alaska

Your Alaska Expedition Team

Your Alaska Expedition Team

Featured Ports

Glacier Bay

Home to over 1,000 unique glaciers, Glacier Bay is a world wonder, chosen as an International World Heritage Site in 1992.  One of the most visually striking National Parks and a Biosphere Reserve, this one-of-a-kind destination will have you making memories to last a lifetime.

Juneau, Alaska, US

The capital city of Alaska, Juneau is a rugged and fascinating city, with a rich local culture and history dating back to the early 1900’s.  Explore the natural landscape up-close with the ample opportunities Juneau has in store.

Sitka, Alaska, US

One of the western most cities in the Inside Passage, the coastal town of Sitka offers vivid history and stunning vistas truly unique, containing vaulted mountain peaks and crystal-clear waters.  Immerse yourself in the cozy comforts of Sitka.

Vancouver, B.C., CA

The Jewel of British Columbia, Vancouver is a cultural experience, home to diverse cuisine and spectacular local history.  Explore the vast forests suspended high in the sky, one of the finest marine institutes in the world, and much more.

Haines, Alaska, US

Journey northward along the longest fjord in North America, passing undisturbed islands to the hidden gem of Haines.  This port offers an Alaskan experience unlike any other, allowing you to dive into local customs and culture.

Ketchikan, Alaska, US

The charming and friendly coastal town of Ketchikan has an inviting and colorful front street, access to hiking and exploration of the natural world, and tales to be spun by locals and experts alike.

Learn more about Alaska & British Columbia on Seabourn

Seabourn will sail you to the wonderful ports and glide through the pristine nature of Alaska and British Columbia.  These lifelong memories forged in the heart of adventure and community will become the foundation for joyful experiences and unforgettable stories.  The native natural wonders will leave you spellbound and hungry for more, seeing you back to these timeless waters over and over again.  Seabourn welcomes you to the Alaskan Wilderness.