Natal, Brazil

Natal was built on the right bank of the River Potenji, right where the river meets the Atlantic; the soil is very sandy, with dunes and bays protected by reefs which appear all along the shore line.  This "City of Dunes" invites you to ride in a dune buggy over the towering Jenipabu sand dunes with sweeping views of the sea. You can choose either a relaxing meander or a thrill-ride, and wear your bathing suit for a swim in the Pitangui Lagoon. Another option is an orientation to the Natal region starting with a visit to the 16th century Forte de Reis Magos, the founding structure of the town. One landmark moment will be a visit to Pirangi Beach to survey the world’s largest cashew tree. This leafed behemoth covers an area of 86,000 square feet, and produces a harvest of nearly 80,000 cashew nuts.