Welcome To Your New Home

To all former Crystal Cruises guests who are now feeling adrift: Welcome to your new home at sea! We at Seabourn are so excited to have you come aboard, learn your names, personal preferences and start sailing the world together.  Just follow the simple steps below and get ready to start creating unforgettable Seabourn Moments.

Step 1: Create a new Seabourn booking through your preferred method: Your Travel Advisor, Seabourn Personal Cruise Consultant or Seabourn.com

Step 2: Submit proof of your past Crystal Society Membership by clicking “JOIN THE CLUB” below.**  Using the form, please provide your information, including the new Seabourn Booking #, and supply one of the items below:

·         A booking confirmation that shows your membership level

·         A screenshot of your online Crystal Cruises account that shows membership level 

Step 3: Hold tight while a Seabourn Club Desk Representative receives, reviews, and processes the request. This may take up to 10 business days.  

Step 4: Once approved, the Seabourn Club Desk Representative will upgrade your Seabourn Club membership level in your account, apply the discount to your eligible Seabourn booking, and then reach out to you via email to confirm.

** If you are unable to submit via the Join the Club button, please email loyaltymatch@seabourn.com with your name, address, Seabourn booking # and Crystal Society documentation.

Join The Club

As part of the Seabourn Club, you will receive benefits that among the most valuable in the cruise industry.

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