Fair Isle, Shetland Islands, Scotland, UK

Fair Isle is a haven for bird enthusiasts and lovers of traditional knitwear. Owned by the National Trust for Scotland, this tiny island is home to a close-knit community of about 70 people. The landscape is etched with remnants of ancient stone houses and turf and stone walls, revealing evidence of Neolithic settlements dating back up to 5,000 years.

Between April and August, the cliffs echo with the symphony of Northern Fulmars, Black-Legged Kittiwakes, Razorbills, Common Guillemots, Black Guillemots, and Atlantic Puffins. Skuas and Arctic Terns fiercely guard their nests on the moorlands, while a small colony of Northern Gannets can also be spotted. The Fair Isle Bird Observatory has been conducting scientific research on bird migration and seabird colonies for over 55 years. The island's marine life includes Grey and Common Seals, Harbour Porpoises, and occasionally, dolphins, Killer Whales, and Minke Whales.

Included Shore Excursion on Expedition Voyages
Visit to the Community of Fair Isle

Embark on an adventure with our Expedition Team as we Zodiac ashore to explore Fair Isle's unique community. Discover the skillful Fair Isle knitwork at the Community Centre, meet the friendly locals, and immerse yourself in the vibrant bird cliffs teeming with nesting gannets, guillemots, and puffins.

*Experiences subject to change