A Zodiac boat with passengers explore among icebergs in Ilulissat, Greenland, a port visited on an all-inclusive, luxury, expedition Seabourn cruise.


Seabourn Expeditions are curated by Mother Nature and our 26-person expedition team of wildlife experts, scientists, historians and naturalists who share a passion for creating unforgettable wildlife and destination experiences for our guests. Experience luxury and adventure as you sail through the northern and southern polar regions and become an active participant in the natural world around you. 

Be among the first to savor a new era of ultra-luxury expedition travel. Seabourn expedition voyages combine exhilarating adventure in remote destinations with the ultra-luxury of Seabourn. Destinations include Antarctica, the British Isles and Arctic, and Northwest Passage


On expedition voyages you can explore underwater worlds on our submarines, kayak in the shadow of icebergs and get a close-up view of wildlife while on a private tour with our expedition team



• Cruise by Zodiac under teeming bird cliffs and along jungle rivers as you spot whales, polar bears and walruses up close.
• Kayak among stately icebergs and tropical coral islands.
• Hike through Viking ruins, ancient Incan sites and indigenous Amazon villages. 
• In our state-of-the-art submarines, adventure beneath the surface past vivid reef walls and towering underwater ice-cliffs and experience sea life in a way few will ever know.

Expedition Destinations

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The Seabourn Expedition Experience

Unparalleled Destinations

Seabourn Expedition voyages offer unforgettable journeys to some of the world's most remote, awe-inspiring locales. Explore places few people will ever see — in a style you've never imagined.

Inclusive Experiences

Expedition voyages include the onboard luxuries that make Seabourn, as well as up-close once-in-a-lifetime experiences in nature via Zodiacs, snorkeling and scuba diving

World-Class Guides

Each Expedition ship is staffed with a knowledgeable, world-class 26-person team of scientists, scholars, naturalists and more. This team will operate activities, give talks and provide insight into the wonders around you. 

A penguin colony in Antarctica

Where We Venture

We curate exceptional experiences in some of the most remote areas of the world. Cruise in signature Seabourn style to 5 continents and over 160 Expedition ports.

Our Ships

Seabourn Venture

Seabourn Venture Expedition ship

Seabourn Pursuit

Seabourn Pursuit Expedition ship

Expedition Activities

Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit will provide our widest range of expedition activities yet, operated and escorted by a knowledgeable, world-class 26-person team of scientists, scholars, naturalists and more.

Inclusive Expedition Experiences and Equipped for Exploration
Seabourn Venture and her sister ship, Seabourn Pursuit, will provide a wide range of included shore excursions at nearly every destination the ships will visit. In addition, the ships will offer inclusive expedition experiences, such as hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and Zodiac cruising. Guests will have ample opportunities to get the most from explorations of spectacular destinations on exhilarating sea-level adventures, from cruising picturesque fjords and waterways to trekking scenic islands, and viewing and learning about birds, seals, whales, and other wildlife. In addition to complimentary excursions, the ships will also offer optional shore excursions and Seabourn Expeditions with kayaking and two custom-built submarines at select destinations. These experiences will provide close-up views of wildlife and natural scenery, as well as unforgettable intimacy with the underwater wonders of the ocean.

  • Included Shore Excursions led by hand-selected tour operators and joined by our Expedition Team, in almost every port.
  • Included Expedition Experiences led by the onboard Expedition Team. Experiences include hiking, Zodiac® cruises/landings, snorkeling, and scuba diving.
  • Optional Shore Excursions led by the onboard Expedition Team. Experiences include submarines and kayaks.
  • Optional Shore Excursions with a third party operator.

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Walks and Hikes

Our offshore treks are made to highlight the most stunning highlights of our destinations — and all are accompanied by guides who will give you insights into history, ecology, and culture at every step.


Led by members of our Expedition Team, our shoreline and shallow-water kayaking excursions are treasured by those guests who want to get up close and personal and truly be one with nature as you noiselessly glide by.

Scuba Diving

In warm-weather destinations, members of our expert crew lead scuba diving sessions where you can experience underwater wonders from a prime perspective.


Made for scenic cruising and landing in remote destinations, our Zodiacs add depth, dimension, and detail to the Seabourn experience, enabling guests to “zoom in” and observe a stunning array of natural wonders up close.

Inclusive Experiences

Expedition voyages include the onboard luxuries that make Seabourn, as well as up-close once-in-a-lifetime experiences in nature via Zodiacs, snorkeling and scuba diving


Custom-built, state-of-the-art submarines — operated by renowned experts on our Expedition Team — add a whole new facet of adventure to the Seabourn experience. Guests will view everything from vivid reef walls to towering underwater ice cliffs. Learn more.

Packing & Gear

Introducing Seabourn Venture Godmother, Alison Levine

From the highest peaks to the decks of a new ship, Alison Levine will preside over the naming ceremony of Seabourn’s first expedition vessel. Levine is a world renowned expert climber, having lead climbs on the highest peak on each continent including as team captain of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition in 2002.

Meet Alison Levine

Along with her accomplishments as an adventurer, Levine is a "New York Times" bestselling author, an Ellis Island Medal of Honor winner, and a successful businesswoman. Learn more about her experiences, insights and tales of adventure.

Expedition Accessibility

An expedition is about learning and enriching one’s life through remote travel. An expedition is not necessarily about being a fit traveler, it’s about being actively engaged in the destination. Our expedition ships will cater to a variety of activity levels allowing guests to participate at a