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Offering light, modern Mediterranean cuisine bursting with color and character, prepared fresh and entirely from scratch.​

Solis will showcase a vibrant, chic atmosphere with feel-good background music and a menu reminiscent of our favorite travel memories.​ Solis was developed in collaboration with longtime Seabourn partners, Master Chef and Culinary Partner Chef Anton Egger, and Senior Corporate Chef Franck Salein. Chef Egger and Chef Salein are the culinary masterminds behind two of Seabourn’s most popular dining concepts – Earth & Ocean and Sushi.

Beyond the culinary, guests will be able to indulge in a truly sophisticated experience with Seabourn’s newly presented, refined vintage cocktail menu, featuring an allure of classic cocktails crafted to perfection. From classics such as the Kir Royale or Mauresco to the always — and most popular — Aperol Spritz, our team of talented mixologists have meticulously curated this menu to ensure that every drink is a masterpiece of flavors and aesthetics.

​An evening at Solis is designed to delight our guests and leave them with lasting Seabourn Moments. 

Solis is available on Seabourn Quest as of January 2024, and will be rolled out across Seabourn Encore, Seabourn Ovation and Seabourn Sojourn by Spring 2024.


Chef Tony is a long-time Seabourn partner whose remarkable run with us began in 1998 as an Executive Chef. His time with you, our extra-ordinary guests, was the inspiration behind his new concept, Solis. When he and Senior Corporate Chef Franck Salein saw that our guests, when surveyed, ranked Mediterranean cuisine as their top pick for a new restaurant and “fresh and healthy” as their preferred attributes, Chef Egger crafted an exceptional dining experience focusing on “coastal cuisine.”

“Over the years, Chef Franck and I have listened intently to discover what Seabourn guests really enjoy about dining,” he says.“ With Solis, we’re combining all that we have learned and more into something they are sure to enjoy – and that we will enjoy creating.” Dishes, desserts, drinks and the restaurant design will all be integral to the experience, he assured. “But there will be more. The dynamic they create when combined together is what our guests will remember, and it will be fun for all of us in the kitchen to shape them.” 

Born into a hospitality family in Austria, Chef Egger launched his culinary career via local apprenticeships while still in the prime of youth before moving on to expand his horizons, talents, and tastes at 5-star venues across four continents. After bringing those tastes and talents to Seabourn, Chef Egger transferred to the line’s headquarters, then based in Miami, as Corporate Executive Chef. Within two years, he was a lead food and beverage partner for the entire fleet while building the line’s reputation as a culinary leader through thoughtfully strategic moves and being intimately involved in the creation and launch of culinary operations on new Seabourn ships. He teamed with Chef Salein to expand the line’s cuisine by conceiving and developing popular venues such as Sushi, offering authentic Japanese sushi on Encore-class vessels, and Earth & Ocean, with daily menus highlighting sophisticated flavors inspired by the fleet’s travels around the globe.